meet Harry

Globally Respected Business Agility Expert

Sought After Consultant, Trainer, and Author on a Mission to Transform the World of Business with
Value Generating Digital Transformations.

Scaled Agile Expert

Harry is widely regarded as one of world’s most experienced Scaled Agile Practitioners and Consultants. He has been involved in scaled agile focused digital transformations since 2013, has led 30+ SAFe transformations in enterprises & government organizations, and regularly contributes to advancement of scaled agile curriculums and training courses.
Harry’s client list includes world-class companies and organizations like HP, Apple, Amazon Labs, TechnipFMC, Microsoft, Government of Canada, etc.

Award Winning
Trainer and Coach

Harry has had the privilege of training 40,000+ technology and business professionals, coach 500+ teams and 250+ portfolios to higher levels of agility. His work in the industry has garnered lots of recognition, with multiple awards, including the prestigious Graham Anderson Golden Eagle Award for Excellence in Coaching and Public Speaking, by Toastmasters International – the world’s leading authority in communication and leadership.

Global Thought Leader

Harry’s views on Agility, Tech Evolution and Business Value Creation regularly featured in leading publications including Forbes, Tech Times, Tech Culture Magazine, Yahoo Finance, Google News and other publications.
Harry is known for his clarity of thought, simple messaging and no BS human centric approach to team building and digital evolution.

Family Man

Harry is married to his partner for seven years, and both of them are blessed with a beautiful son. Outside of work, Harry loves spending time with his family exploring local hiking and biking trails.
As he says, one of his main goals in life is to make his family and his parents proud of who he is as a man, and his contributions as an entrepreneur.