Harry’s keynotes have touched 1000s of people across countries and continents. Watch what Harry’s event organizers and audience members have to say.

Harry’s keynotes are never the same. He is considered a pioneer at customizing trainings and keynotes for different audiences. He uncovers common challenges and frustrations faced by individual audience groups and customizes his ideas, solutions and humour to make it entertaining and relevant for the audience.

All of his keynotes are loaded with descriptive stories, relevant research findings and engaging humour.

Harry’s keynotes are always customized to align with the audience needs, however, some of his foundational keynotes are:

LiveLegendary: Perspective and Tactics for a Better Career and a Better Life

As one of his Harry’s flagship keynotes, here Harry shares his C.R.A.F.T framework to craft a more effective career and a fulfilled life. This interactive talk entertains, inspires and challenges the audience to look at their life differently and pursue legendary standards in everything they do.

Legendary Consulting: How to consult like the top 1%

Based on Harry’s upcoming book, Legendary Consulting, this informational yet inspirational and entertaining talk walks people through Legendary Consulting book’s six pillars of effectiveness in consulting service delivery. Audience leaves with the tools, techniques, ideas and energy required to pursue legendary standards in their consulting work.

Legendary Productivity: Secrets of Human Performance

In this peak performance keynote, Harry shares the science behind human performance and what it takes to be productive in the information age. Typically delivered in 45-60 minutes, this keynote is built on years of work Harry has done in studying and coaching high performance executives on achieving high levels of productivity.

Legendary Leadership: How to lead yourself to lead others

The Legendary Leadership Keynote is designed to introduce the audience the cutting edge principles of self-leadership and what it takes to be an effective leader. Audience members consistently leave with a sense of determination to take ownership of their life as opposed to playing the blame game.

Legendary Communication: How to communicate clearly, concisely, while establishing your brand at work and in life

This highly interactive keynote walks audience members through the key principles of effective human communication and introduces them to the strategies and tactics on improving their communication effectiveness starting day one.

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